Mellat Shop Print Ad.

Mellat Shop Ad Of Mellat Bank Is Designed To Introduce This New Service Called “Mellat Shop”. Mellat Shop Is A Credit Network Of Mellat Bank Payment And Its Owners Can Buy Their Intended Services Or Ware From Mellat Bank Cooperates By The Credit And Pay The Amount Later Together Or In Installments.

The Idea Of Ad Is Based On Newspaper Media And It Is A Part Of The Ad. Visual Key Of The Ad Is A Shopping Bag And The Output Is Designed To Indicate Our Intended Media (Newspaper).

*Silver Hawk (environmental and print advertising section) in the second festival of Iran’s top advertising agencies

The second festival of Iran’s top advertising agencies over the past two years has been turned into the most important competition ground for domestic advertising agencies. The advertising companies tried to send their best works for judgment and winning titles in this year’s festival.


  • Creative Idea
  • Artwork