Maskan Bank’s Advertising Campaign for the savings plan for Children

Overview: Maskan Bank wanted to attract parents who wanted to save for their children’s future. To achieve this goal, we created an advertising campaign that utilized billboards and a TV ad. The campaign was designed to communicate the bank’s savings plan and its benefits to potential customers.

Challenge: To effectively promote Maskan Bank’s savings plan to parents and encourage them to open an account with the bank.

Solution: Our advertising campaign utilized creative and engaging imagery to communicate the bank’s message. In the billboard ad, we used a blueprint of a house plan as the background of kids, with the slogan “A plan for your child to have a house.” The plan was used both as a savings plan and a house plan, emphasizing the bank’s unique savings plan.

Results: The advertising campaign proved to be a great success, driving significant interest in Maskan Bank’s savings plan. The bank received a surge in new account openings and positive feedback from customers. The innovative use of imagery and messaging in the campaign helped establish Maskan Bank as a trusted and reliable financial institution for parents looking to save for their children’s future.


  • Creative Idea
  • Artwork
  • Copy
  • TVC
  • Radio Commercial


  • Badkoobeh Full Service Advertising Agency, Iran
  • Creative Team Leader: Mostafa Moraadi
  • Art Director: Mostafa Moraadi
  • Copywriter: Raoof Dashti
  • Senior Graphic Designer: Niloufar Rakhshanfar
  • Graphic Designer: Elnaz Latifpour